Online Gallery list of art works by French American artist Muriel Levin. Find landscapes, portraits, abstract art and Judaica originals


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1696 La Porte au Castelet

A.R.T. Ancient Hand

A.R.T. Hand Fun

A.R.T. Hands in Hand

A.R.T. Stained Hand

Asher Yatzar  Blessing


Alpha Beta Numeric

All in one Hand

A New Song

Being there

Blue Birds


BSL at St Cézaire

California Poppies

Churvah at night

Country Door


Court Case

Dawn at the Kotel

Dawn in RBSG

Dead On The Seashore

DZ Orchids

Engagement Bouquet

Engagement Ring

Engulfed in War

Facing East- Mizrach

Fauve Seascape

Flowers in water Colors




House in Monsey

Infinity Rounds

In the Snow

Ivanka’s Prayer

Kotel 3am

Kotel Angel

Kotel Sunrise

Kotel Sunrise II

Kotel Temple

Kotel at Dawn

Kotel on the New Month

Kotel at Silent Dawn

Kotel of Light

La Bague de Fiançailles- Engagement Ring

La Coupe de Cheveux- The First Haircut

La Fontaine des 4 Dauphins

The Judge

Les Citrons de Suzanne


Migdal David 73



New Song

New Year still life

On the Map



Place du Louvre á Paris

Porte Fenêtre a Moustiers

Rav Asher Arielli

Rav Chaim Kanievski.docx

Rav Chaim Kanievski II (Monochrome)

Rav Chaim Kanievski .pdf

Rav Nossan Zvi Finkel


Self Portrait

Spring festival

Supplications – Tachanunim

Thinking of Others

White Table

Why I paint

Windy Kotel